A downloadable game

Over The Top! Is a game I am currently working on. Originally started as a prototype for my DePaul University class GAM 355: Solo Game Development. It is a World War 1 trench game where players create trenches to advance their troops towards the enemy base.

This is the most current build but I will try and keep it updated with new ones as I work towards the end.

There is stand in audio and art for now. Not all of the art or audio assets were created by myself. For example - Bullet for my valentine "Scream, Aim, Fire", the tile screen image I got off of a Google image search as well as all of the textures. All of the audio I got from YouTube and reworked them a bit in Audacity.

Install instructions

Download the Zip File. Extract it, and then click on the executable file to start the game.

Once open use the mouse to click on dirt to create trenches, click the troop icon to spawn riflemen or press "1" on the keyboard. To get your units to go over the top of the trench click the bayonet button or press "2" on the keyboard.

In order to pause the game click the button in the top left corner or push the "Esc" key on the keyboard. This will open a pause menu letting you restart, go to the main menu or quit the game.


Over The Top!.zip 47 MB